A Few Screenshots

A few screen shots have been linked here that explains the efficiency of TEXFolio. Click the images to zoom in to full sized ones.

TEXFolioin action: Pretty printed XML/MathML (left) and Math rendered by MathJax assisted HTML + MathML of the same content (right).

TEXFolioin action: Rendering of math in PDF (left) and the same content rendered in MathJax assisted HTML + MathML page (right).

TEXFolioin action: TEX sources (left) and MathJax assisted rendered Math of the same content in HTML + MathML (right).

TEXFolioin action: TEX sources (left) and the same content in XML + MathML (right).

Machine assisted proofing

Spell checking in TeXFolio

Easy math checking by graying out the surrounding text

Automated dataset making

DOI Link Fetching I: Validated XML is loaded. A few clicks on the next button will complete the job.

DOI Link Fetching II: Query form with data from XML generated for submission.

DOI Link Fetching III: Results in XML format fetched from CrossRef.

DOI Link Fetching IV: Results in HTML format (human readable version).

DOI Link Fetching V: Results in TEX format (for using while making PDF).

Stripns (raster images of inline and displayed math) checking: the raster images are checked againt the PDF generated from corresponding math formulae in the TEXsources and the output rendered by browser from corresponding MathML code (MML).

Checking conformance of tagging style of XML as per the guidelines of Pubmed Central using Pubmed Central Schematron

Bibliographic items if provided as free flowing data, TEXFoliocan generate BibTEX database from the submitted data in an assisted manner.

TEXFolioin action: Pretty printed XML and TEX sources and PDF windows side by side to assist easy typesetting.

TEXFolioin action. See a document with long caption split across two pages without any hassles of TEX.

TEXFolioin action — TEX source and HTML output side by side.

TEXFolioin action — TEX source and PDF output side by side.

TEXFolioin action — TEX source and XML output side by side.

TEXFolioin action — PDF viewer in TEXFolio.