Welcome to TEXFolio

TEXFoliois a web based complete journal production system that accepts XML documents as input and generates a variety of outputs as per user directive. At the moment, TEXFolioaccepts documents tagged as per NLM/JATS or Elsevier Journal Article DTD. The typesetting engine is TEX which allows hyperlinked, bookmarked and standards compliant PDF outputs of infinite variants in terms of look and feel. It further permits TEX authors to directly edit their documents at proof stage and a master copy editor can pass it for publishing with minimal loss of time.

Although the underlying engine of TEXFoliohasn’t deviated from the genre of free/libre software, the computing paradigms have markedly shifted to those in vogue to make the system modernized and competitive in terms of technologies and performance. In fact, TEXFolioallows users to undertake any stage of work anywhere in the world, owing to its absolute compatibility with cloud and mobile computing. That is further augmented by the usage of LATEX3 methdologies and programming to perfect the production system to an efficient, automated and accurate one.

TEXFolioalso serves well the “author as publisher” since it accepts TEX documents as input and can easily generate PDF, HTML5, NLM/JATS or Elsevier Journal Article XML outputs if the sources are marked up as per elsarticle or stm document classes. The bibliography needs to be provided as BibTEX database.